Until recently, apartment residents have been missing out on the benefits of rooftop solar – lower electricity bills, greater energy independence and a reduced carbon footprint.

SolShare breaks down the technical and ownership barriers that have historically prevented apartment residents from accessing cheaper and cleaner energy from the sun.

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Features & Benefits

The SolShare can
reduce electricity bills
by up to 40% – and even
more with batteries.

A complete SolShare solar
system can cost as little as
$2,000 per apartment.

Solar power is a simple
and effective way to
reduce carbon emissions.

Residents retain the right to
choose their grid energy
retailer & installation requires
no access to apartments.

Apartment Owners

Learn how you and your neighbours
can save money and the planet with
a SolShare solar system

Social Housing

Learn how the SolShare can be installed on
your apartment buildings, saving your
residents money and increasing sustainability

New Builds

Learn how the SolShare can be used as
a unique marketing opportunity and
increase the value of your development

How it works

This behind-the-meter solution splits the electricity via a hardware device and its ‘dynamic sharing algorithm’ allocates it fairly to residents over the course of a month.

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