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An example of shared rooftop solar for community housing being made possible through previous government funding      


Net-Zero and how do we get there?

There’s been a big focus on national electrification in the public sphere of late. The long term “how we get there” aspect is often considered unknown and constantly changing. The simple reality is that we already know what the end scenario looks like, electrification of our energy grid, movement away from fossil fuels and a bigger focus on zero-carbon developments. Although technology and approaches will change over this period, what we have at our fingertips now, will put us in good stead for the future.

Unfortunately, there is a major issue with this approach.
For too long, social housing has copped the short end of the stick. For example, in Australia it is standard practice not to include air conditioning within social housing. This issue is most prominent in multi-unit and apartment complexes. This, combined with the lack of insulation, energy efficiency design and poor building workmanship has resulted in these members of our committee being exposed to the harshest of weather conditions.
Additionally, when air conditioning is installed, the residents are often unable to afford to run these appliances due to their high energy consumption.

The time is now to ensure that this does not keep happening.


Federal Government may be the vehicle we’ve been waiting for!

Allume Energy has gladly offered our expertise in the social housing multi-tenancy sphere to the Smart Energy Council (SEC) in support of the 2023-24 Federal Budget Submission. The key focus has been taken on support of low income households, in accessing the ability to electrify their homes. On top of this, additional support will be extended to social housing providers, both non-profit and state.

As a collective the funding will unlock the ability to

The key aspect of this submission is ensuring that low-income households are the ones who reap the direct benefits of energy reduction, in the same way that those who own their own home do. Without intervention from the government, in a time where the housing waiting list is increasing daily, it is very difficult for those in need of housing to meet the financial demands of 2023.


Several guiding initiatives have been proposed by the SEC to support the rollout of the funding –


We anticipate these changes over the ten year period will afford those in social housing, in particular those that call apartments home, the ability to live comfortably and freely, as should be the right for every Australian.


Link: Government Funded Social Housing Case Study

An insight in to the types of projects where previous government funding has assisted in extending the benefits of shared rooftop solar to social housing residents can be found here.

Link: Smart Energy Council Submission

The full Smart Energy Council 2023-24 Federal Budget Submission can be found here.

Solar for apartments, microgrid

Allume Energy was privileged to be invited to the recent RealtechX ESG Impact Showcase in Melbourne. We had representatives from our Commercial, Tech and Service teams in attendance, along with a real life Solshare!


Increasing the focus on sustainability for commercial real estate

The event focused on ‘innovations for more sustainable resources’ in industry. ISPT’s Daryl Browning opened the night by sharing his experiences and challenges when it came to pushing for more sustainability focused real estate assets, and also how he fell into the realm of sustainability as a whole.

The ensuing round table discussion provided inspiration for change in the sector, with Vicinity Centres’ Nick Irvine and ISPT’s Renee Nutbean and Steven Peters discussing and comparing ESG strategies from their respective organisations, with plenty of realised data to back up their implemented strategies.

Nick Irvine, Allume Energy Solshare


The night was rounded out by enjoying the niceties of Foy’s Arcade and networking with highly skilled entrepreneurs and ESG advocates. There were plenty of organisations on show, with a number of sustainability technologies presented that will no doubt be seeing a lot more of in the coming years.

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