Solar for New Build Apartments

Thanks to the Solshare you now have the ability to provide each apartment with solar energy, not just the common areas in a building. Increasing the value and marketability of any project and getting an instant uplift in the positive environmental impact your building can create.

The SolShare is the worlds first behind-the-meter solar sharing solution. By including the SolShare in your development, you will have the option to market and sell solar-enabled apartments for the first time. The uniqueness of this offering has been proven to increase the value and marketability of apartment developments.

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How it works

The SolShare is simply an additional component to a traditional solar system but rather than connect to just one meter, like common light and power, it can connect to multiple meters, including the apartments.

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Benefits for you

Increase marketability
Solar-connected apartments are
rare, giving you a marketing edge

Increase value
Solar connected apartments can
command a higher asking price

Low cost
Installing an entire system
costs as little as €1,000 per

Solar is a proven and popular way
of increasing sustainability

How do I get a SolShare System?


Case studies

Tullamore Folia, Doncaster, Victoria

Committed to creating sustainable living environments for residents to enjoy, Mirvac have implemented forefront technology in Folia allowing the Prestige and Penthouse Apartment residents to share a single set of solar panels and distribute solar power in a manner that optimises the financial benefit to all connected residences.

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New Build – South London, UK

Allume’s first UK installation is a new build development in South London. Striving for peak sustainability, the residents of this block of flats will enjoy a reduced carbon footprint and electricity bills because of the SolShare.

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The SolShare is the missing piece of the solar puzzle.

- Joe Perry, Operations Manager, Suntrix

We’re really proud that the people living in this apartment building will be able to access cheap renewable energy, the same as anyone else around the country living in a free-standing home.

- Sebastian Klein, Manager, Zero Carbon Moreland

We’ll be helping contribute to getting renewable energy, so for environmental reasons that’s really great… Also the owners and the residents are able to save money.

- Kerry Ko, Apartment resident, Brunswick East

We are hearing from our residents that they don’t need to worry about electricity bills to keep warm in winter as they have accumulated some savings from spring to autumn.”

- Ravi Koneru, Assets Coordinator, Housing Choices Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The beauty of the SolShare is that it can be connected to whoever is interested. So, if there are 30 apartments but only 15 want solar, the 15 of you can buy your own SolShare solar system. The most important thing to do is speak to the other owners as soon as possible to see who is interested.

Yes, any connection can be added to a SolShare system, including the common light and power.

The SolShare comes with an industry standard 10-year warranty.

The SolShare delivers solar under a ‘fair-share’ algorithm. The SolShare monitors how much energy each apartment is using (energy demand) and sends solar to where it’s needed, maximising the savings for everyone in the building. However, to make sure that everything’s fair, the SolShare logs how much solar’s been delivered to each unit and if it identifies that a unit has received more than the others it will start to reduce the amount of solar that it sends to that unit until the others have caught up.

Yes, batteries can be included in the system. Even better, because the SolShare is a shared system, your batteries will also be shared. This means that rather than needing to buy an expensive battery for every connected unit, you simply by a communal battery that everyone uses when they need it. This greatly increases their value for money.

Every SolShare installation is unique. Once we have gained the relevant information from you, we will introduce you to one of our certified SolShare installation partners. They will be able to talk you through what is most suitable for your building.

Typically, the SolShare is suitable for apartment buildings that have between 6 and 60 apartments. However, there are some cases when it is possible to get a shared solar system for buildings over 60 units if not everyone wants to sign up or it’s a complex with 2 or more buildings. Send us an enquiry and we will be happy to see if our technology is suitable for your apartment building.

As with all solar installations, every connected unit must have a smart electricity meter. If the apartments don’t have smart meters, don’t worry. Our certified SolShare Installation Partners will be able to guide you through upgrading. Residents can also contact their energy retailer directly and upgrade the meters in advance.

Installing solar onto an apartment does more than just reduce the electricity bills. Studies have shown that property prices increase significantly when they have solar power. Landlords specifically report having less vacancy and increased longevity of tenants.

No. Residents can stay with their existing retailer, or to choose to change to another one. They can also access any market protections provided for vulnerable electricity customers, if applicable.

Including a SolShare solar system to apartment developments has proven to increase both the marketability and sale price of the connected units.

No. A subset of the apartments in new development can be connected to solar if that is preferred.

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