FAQ Region: Global

Your development will be one of the first in the world to have a shared solar installation. This is a major differentiation point in a competitive market.

No. New build apartments can be connected via grid meters. Future residents can choose which electricity retailer they want to be with.

The SolShare maximises the potential of the available roof space by delivering solar electricity to the connected apartments that need it most. Therefore as little as 1kW per apartment (3 or 4 solar panels) is enough to achieve a significant reduction in electricity bills.

No. A subset of the apartments in new development can be connected to solar if that is preferred.

State and territory governments may have funding available for rooftop solar on social housing. Contact us for guidance.

No. Residents can stay with their existing retailer, or to choose to change to another one. They can also access any market protections provided for vulnerable electricity customers, if applicable.

The SolShare ensure that rooftop solar on social housing is used to its maximum potential to reduce electricity bills.

Contact us to ensure the SolShare is right for you, and to make an order.