FAQ Region: US

Yes. Every resident will be able to access a portal that shows their energy and solar usage. This can help to adjust habits to maximize the benefits of the solar energy and reduce bills even further.

There are a number of factors in determining this, the main one being how much energy you use. But on average, a 40% reduction in grid energy usage can be achieved. This is increased further if batteries are included. See our case studies for more information on price and payback.

State and territory governments may have funding available for rooftop solar on social housing. Contact us for guidance.

No. A subset of the apartments in new development can be connected to solar if that is preferred.

Contact us to ensure the SolShare is right for you, and to make an order.

Your development will be one of the first in the world to have a shared solar installation. This is a major differentiation point in a competitive market.

Allume will provide training on how to properly price a proposal. Contact Allume to learn more.

Allume will provide training on how to develop a shared solar proposal. Contact Allume to learn more.