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Why add shared solar to social housing?

With energy bills in Australia at their worst in decades, many Australians are struggling to make ends meet.

As a result, many social housing providers are becoming increasingly concerned with finding sustainable solutions for tenants across their portfolios.

Adding rooftop solar to multi-tenanted buildings is one of the most cost effective way for social housing providers to reduce tenants’ cost of living.


Grant Funding

Unlock support programs and funding for ESG initiatives, and get priority over new project sites from the government

Clean Electricity

Elevate your reputation in the community and increase the sustainability rating across your portfolio of sites

Asset Value

A solar system can increases the value of a property by 15-25% and tenants will be proud that they live in a building with solar

Price Certainty

Protect your residents from grid pricing volatility by locking in cheap solar electricity for 20 years.

Fair Share of Solar

Dynamic sharing allows everyone to receive their fair share of solar, delivered when it’s going to save people the most money

Solar social housing package

A solar discount for social housing providers

This initiative offers a discount on the solar panels, roof mounting equipment, smart meters and solar sharing technology required to provide apartment residents with self-generated solar energy.
Read more about the Solar Social Housing Package here.

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These affordable housing tenants at a City West Housing development talk about their experience of being able to access shared solar.

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