Step 1


Proprietary hardware connecting tenants to shared rooftop solar.

Creates private infrastructure behind tenant utility meters not reliant on utility billing or rebate programs.

Optimizes solar sharing to maximize tenant savings and asset owner NOI.

Apartment residents have direct access to solar energy.

Elimates split incentive for asset owner by unlocking new revenue stream.

Step 2


Turnkey software marking shared solar operation easy.

Monitors the solar delivery and grid electricity usage of units
within the building.

Provides landlord with remote control of the solar distribution;
including the tenancies that are connected and each tenancy’s
monthly allocation.

Supports billing of Solar Amenity Fees.

For the Asset Owner

Boost NOI

Unlock new revenue stream from shared solar as an amenity

Increase ESG Score

Track and improve ESH metrics in line with GRESB and Energy Star

Reduced Overhead

End-to-end support on solar control, performance monitoring and billing

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“Both in terms of the tenant, and in terms of me as an investor, it was a win-win situation”

Building owner / MIS

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“We are excited for this collaboration, leveraging this technology to accelerate the distribution of clean energy and improve resiliency.”

EcoSmart / FL, CTO

For the Tenant

Reduce Electricity Bills

Benefit from on-site solar, reducing grid electricity usage by 35-40%

Save Money with Confidence

Never pay more for solar than you are saving on your utility bills

Reduce carbon footprint

Participate in the renewable energy transition without upfront cost or long term commitments

“When I saw my new electricity bill for the first time I was like ‘Ooh let’s go get a steak!'”

SolShare tenant / Jackson, MS

“We are hearing from our residents that they don’t need to worry about keeping warm in the winter, thanks to the savings they’ve gathered in the summer months.”

Affordable housing asset manager / Melbourne, Australia

Learn about our impact from shared solar customers in Missisippi

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