You will already be aware of the energy company ECO4 obligation initiative which runs until 2026 and is designed to provide funding to upgrade the worst performing properties through a whole retrofit approach, helping you achieve your net-zero goals and reducing energy costs for you tenants. Ofgem has certified SolShare as an innovation measure, unlocking 45% more funding for your apartment buildings.

The combination of Allume’s pinoeering SolShare technology and insulation enabled E.ON to improve the energy efficiency of 15 E-rated properties at the Belmont retirement home to a C-rating or better, as well as improving 7 D-rated properties.

We’re excited to share that Bexhill was E.ON’s first ECO4 project using SolShare™, resulting in a reduction on resident power bills whilst increasing their energy performance certificate rating.

Listen to delighted Bexhill pensioners talk about saving up to 50% on their power bills. This was made possible with efficiency measures from Allume and E.ON.

Explore how incorporating SolShare™ into your projects will transcend your properties to its energy efficiency potential. Start your ECO4 journey with SolShare™ now!

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